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Stair Refinishing


When people think of hardwood floor refinishing, they tend to think about the big open spaces of flooring across living rooms or entryways – but hardwood floor refinishing is also a worthwhile endeavor for stairs as well. At Madison Hardwood Floor Refinishing, we have provided stair refinishing expertise for our valued customers across the Madison, Wisconsin area many times, and they’ve always been thrilled with the quality of the results that we’ve produced. If you believe that your stairs are looking a little worse for wear, or you’re planning on getting rid of your carpeted staircase, you ought to look at our stair refinishing service with real consideration. To find out just why we’re the leading service provider in this space, and why the procedure is worthwhile altogether, just read on further below.

Safe Stairs

Everybody understands that stairs are an area of a property where there’s real potential for injury, or worse. A nasty fall isn’t out of the question, and it’s easy to trip and bang your head if you’re not careful. A stair refinishing process is partly useful because it actually raises the safety standards of the stairs in question. For one, we’ll be able to apply a non-slip finish on the surface at the end of the process, so it’s much less likely somebody is going to slip and fall. Additionally, we’ll be sanding away any scratches or splintered sections, so you’re not going to step on an unpleasant spot that has you yelping.

Aesthetic Improvement

Of course, one of the main reasons that people use a stair refinishing service is that it drastically improves the aesthetic of the installation in question. Stairs are a very heavy foot traffic zone – so it should hardly come as a surprise that they begin to look weathered and worn a little more quickly than some other areas across your property. You can make them look as good as new by using a refinishing procedure. You don’t need to put up with a marked and blemished surface for any longer than absolutely necessary.

Converted Stairs

Many people make the decision to have carpeted stairs in their properties, only to quickly realize that they’re not the most attractive – and can be a real pain to vacuum! The prudent course of action is generally to have carpeted stairs converted to hardwood stairs, as you have a perfectly good surface underneath the carpet already. We can get these hidden surfaces into an attractive and safe condition using our refinishing expertise.

Rocketing Valuations

As you’d surely expect, a set of refinished stairs can have a positive impact on the valuation of your property – whether you’re simply updating your existing hardwood stairs, or you’re converting a carpeted staircase. If you’re worried about the cost of using a refinishing service, it’s always worth remembering this – as really, the service is an investment. We’ll make sure that you’re getting the best value for money possible by raising the valuation of your property.

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