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Hardwood Floor Cleaning


Many people make the decision to install a hardwood floor in their property because they’re easily maintained and cleaned – and this is true, to an extent. The day to day cleaning requirements and maintenance activities here are limited, but to make sure that you’re living or working in a hygienic and clean environment, it’s critical that you use a professional hardwood floor cleaning service on an annual basis. A service like this can get your floor into its best possible condition, and help you to stave off more substantial refinishing procedures as well. At Madison Hardwood Floor Refinishing, we have a long service history that shows we’re one of the leading hardwood floor cleaning services in the region – so you can trust us to take care of your installation. If you believe this service might be of interest to you, read on below for further details.

Inspections and Assessments

Before we begin any of the physical work at your property, we’ll first need to carefully and meticulously inspect your hardwood floor. We’ll look at the kind of hardwood that you have in place, for any deep marks or scratches that could be of interest, and for whether there’s any acrylic coating on the surface. By looking at these details and gathering as much information as possible, we’ll be able to make sure that your floor is getting the tailored service that it surely requires.

The Cleaning Process

So, how do we actually go about cleaning your floor to get it in a sparkling condition? The process is as follows: once we’ve inspected the floor and assessed its condition, we’ll make sure that we remove any polish or acrylic coating – if there’s any present – with a wood floor polish remover. After this is done, the deep clean will commence. This is where we use professional grade hardwood floor cleaning equipment, and it’ll remove every kind of blemish and mark that’s present. The process eliminates all of the bacteria and germs that are lurking in the crevices in your wood, giving you a completely sanitized and hygienic surface going forward.

Deep Cleaning

The day to day cleaning processes that you carry out – like sweeping and mopping, for example – are effective at keeping your floor looking pretty good, but they can’t compare to a professional deep cleaning service. Dirt, grime, and dust all do an excellent job at entrenching themselves deep in the grain of your hardwood, and only a professional cleaning process is going to have the power and efficacy to get them removed. You’ll surely notice the difference once we’ve carried out the process.

Professional Experience

One of the advantages of choosing our professional cleaning team to deep clean your hardwood floor is that there’s no chance of damage to the installation. An inexperienced crew might not understand the risks involved with using particular cleaning solutions, or might not operate the equipment correctly. Naturally, no such problems will occur with us doing the work.

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