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Madison Hardwood Floors

Hardwood flooring is a staple of the United States average household, and it’s easy to see why. It’s obviously attractive, with an unmistakable class and elegance, but it’s also a practical addition to any property – as it tends to last for a very long time without any real damage or deterioration (and certainly nothing that can’t be resolved with a professional cleaning or refinishing process).

On top of all that, it adds value to your property, and increases the salability of the site. If this sounds too good to be true, think again, this is the real deal! If you want a hardwood floor in your property, or to have your existing floor refinished and rejuvenated, you need to use a reliable professional service to get the job completed. That’s where we come in.


About Us

At Madison Hardwood Floor Refinishing, we have an extensive service history that demonstrates our capabilities when it comes to all activities related to hardwood flooring. Based in Madison, Wisconsin, we’ve been delivering our services to our valued customers across the region for many years, and they’ve always loved what we’ve managed to accomplish for them. This is reflected in the wonderful positive feedback that we always receive, as well as the substantial volume of business we get thanks to customer referrals and word of mouth. We focus on providing a range of services that are packed full of value, which allows us to help the majority of the people in our community.

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    Our Services

    We’re dedicated to providing the leading hardwood flooring services in the region, and that means offering a set of provisions that is comprehensive and flexible by nature – and we think we do an excellent job at this. We’re happy to help with hardwood floor installations, hardwood floor refinishing, professional deep cleaning service, and even stair refinishing. Best of all, we’re happy to do this in any kind of property – whether it’s a small apartment or a large commercial complex. If you’re not sure whether we’ll be able to help you with your situation, our customer service team can provide any answers that you need.


    Hardwood Floor Refinishing

    If you have the good fortune to have a hardwood floor in your property, it’s prudent to make sure that you’re carrying out maintenance on it to keep it in a good condition. A hardwood floor refinishing procedure will rejuvenate the visual splendor of the floor, add value to the property, and even extend the lifespan of the installation. We’re happy to help with refinishing floors of any size or wood variety.


    Hardwood Floor Installation

    For those considering the installation of a hardwood floor in their property – you’re onto a wise course of action. Hardwood floors are attractive, infused with value, and easy to clean. They’re both an excellent practical and cosmetic addition to any property, and can be used in a wide range of spaces and environments. We’re experienced at hardwood floor installation, so you’re guaranteed to have a high quality outcome if you choose us.


    Hardwood Floor Cleaning

    If you have a hardwood floor, you’ll realize that it’s easy enough to keep it looking good on a day to day basis with some sweeping and mopping – but to get rid of the deeply entrenched dirt and germs, you’ll need a professional cleaning service. Our deep clean team can get out even the most stubbornly embedded muck, giving you a hygienic and safe surface at the end of the process.

    “I’ve been seriously impressed with the 
    team at Madison Hardwood Floor 
    Refinishing all throughout the time they 
    were completing the refinishing process at 
    my commercial site. There’s been a lot to do, and they’ve 
    never taken their foot off the pedal. Hard 
    workers, friendly people, and just a great 
    team all-round.” – Hershel B.
    “I brought Madison Hardwood Floor 
    Refinishing in to my home to 
    refinish my stairs, I’m really 
    pleased with the outcome I’ve got. It looks 
    great, and I didn’t have to pay a fortune 
    to get the work done. I’d definitely use this 
    service again in the future.” – Rianne M.
    “Madison Hardwood Floor Refinishing was 
    a huge help with my hardwood floor 
    installation. Always friendly, always
    attentive, and they arrived right on time 
    – I’ve already recommended this team to 
    my sister for her own renovation work.” 
    – Jared P.

    Stair Refinishing

    It’s always worth remembering that hardwood refinishing procedures can be applied to hardwood stairs – not just to floors in rooms. A refinishing process will drastically increase the visual quality of the stairs, but it’s also going to make it a safer throughfare too – since we apply a non-slip finish at the end of the process. We can even help with the conversion of carpeted stairs to hardwood stairs.

    Commercial Hardwood Flooring

    More and more commercial properties across the United States are making the decision to have hardwood floors installed in their properties, and that should come as no surprise. They’re easy on the eye, popular with customers and staff alike, and they add value to the buildings that they’re situated in.

    Residential Hardwood Flooring

    Hardwood floors have always been a popular choice in domestic properties, and they’re only getting more and more desirable. We’ve provided hardwood floor installation service in a wide range of residential properties, and we’re equally accomplished when it comes to hardwood refinishing service too. For a cleaner, more attractive and more practical property, hardwood floors are the way forward.


    Contact Us Today

    If you’re on the lookout for a dedicated and trustworthy hardwood floor installation and refinishing specialist, you’re not going to find a better team than Madison Hardwood Floor Refinishing. To find out more about any of the services that we’re offering our customers, or to look at our prices or availability, get in touch with our customer service team. They’re available through our main telephone number during regular working hours, or you can reach them by using our online contact form – both are found on our company website. You’ll never make a better investment for your property than using our hardwood flooring services.